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Becky's Home Made Hand Towels
Becky's Crochet Top Towels
All towel orders ship within 1--2 business days and include a special and loving gift in each package! Most orders are shipped the same day. So go ahead, you deserve it, make your order today! You can also give a gift to a friend, spouse or loved one through the purchase of one of our gift certificates! They are simple to purchase and super simple to redeem.
Zinfandel Wine Towel Set - $16.89 Set of 2
Cafe Au Lait Towel Set - $19.89 Set of 2
Coffee Chef Towel Set - $19.89 Set of 2
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                           Selecting Fabrics For Kitchen Towels

Good kitchen towels are absorbent, made from quality material and easy to wash. You will find those on this page!

Choose colors, textures, sizes and shapes that will match your decor. The fabric choice is most important and needs to be carefully considered. The ideal fabric will be absorbent and last for years. Many traditional fabrics work well, but fabric from different plant fibers, like bamboo and hemp, are also options. 

Determine the purpose for the kitchen towels. In the kitchen, towels are generally used for drying dishes or drying hands. The best type of fabric varies by purpose. Hands need a soft, highly absorbent material, whereas towels for drying dishes must be lint-free. Lint-free fabric won't leave residue on the dishes or scratch fine china. Becky's towels, especially the Linen Towel, are perfect for dishes and fine china. In addition, Becky's heavy towels fit all these categories. 

Narrow down the fabric by selecting the main fabric category -- usually linen or cotton. Linen is made from flax and is a high-end fabric that is durable and absorbent. However, it can light on fire quickly and is prone to wrinkling. Cotton is more affordable and is easier to wash than linen. It is also absorbent and durable. Cotton however, is prone to shrinking. Other fabric alternatives include fabric blends, synthetics, hemp and wool. Becky's towels have cotton terry towel material and Linen in addition to synthetics (acrylic yarn topper). Be advised that synthetics (such as acrylic) are prone to melt if exposed to direct flame or extreme heat. Be careful to keep towel toppers, as well as towel material, away from direct flame or extreme heat at all times.

Choose a weave for the fabric. Weaves influence the absorbency, look and texture of the fabric. Crash is a plain, simple weave commonly used for towels. It creates a fabric that is absorbent, durable and affordable. Terry cloth is used with cotton fabric and is the traditional choice for hand towels. Turkish toweling is another basic weave choice. It is a simple, flat weave, similar to crash, that is more functional than aesthetic. Becky's towels are terry cloth (crash) fabric.  The difference between our regular and heavy towels is the thickness, durability and quality of the terry towel material. For regular terry towel material go to the top of the page and click onto our Regular Towels page! For Linen towel material go to the top of the page and click onto our Linen page!
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Eat Well, Laugh Often, Love Much Towel Set of 2 - $16.89 
Red Sunflower Towel Set - $19.89 Set of 2
Lime Ade Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 
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Monogramed His/Hers Towel Set of 2- $19.89
Live A Colorful Life Towel Set of 2 - $18.89
Sauce Pot Bon Appetit Towel Set of 2- $16.89
Hello Sunshine Towel Set of 2 - $18.89
Bright Seashells Towel Set of 2 - $18.89
Safari Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Yellow/Grey Waves Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Pineapple Flip Flop Towel Set of 2 - $16.89
Beach Signs Towel Set of 2 -$19.89
United Steaks of America Towel Set of 2 -$16.89
Live, Laugh, Splash Towel Set of 2 -$16.89
Solid White Towel Set of 2 - $16.89
Red, White & Cool Towel Set of 2 - $16.89
Patriotic Dog Celebrate Towel Set of 2 -$16.89
Peace, Love, Sandy Feet Towel Set of 2 -$19.89
Lemons Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Home To Roost Towel Set of 2 -$19.89
Gone Fishing Towel Set of 2 -$16.89
Zig Zag Flip Flop Towel Set of 2 - $18.89
Summertime Flip Flop Towel Set of 2 -$19.89
Ocean Tide Seahorse Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Mare & Foal Towel Set of 2 - $16.89 USD
Tuscan Sun Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Fish Market Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Butcher Shoppe Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Queen Bee Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Conch Shell Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Live Life & Love the Beach Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Life Needs More Sweet Tea & Sunshine Towel Set of 2 - $19.89 USD
Canning Jars Towel Set of 2 -$19.89
Enjoy The Ride Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Poinsettias Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Simply Bear Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Really Good Food Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Key West Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Pueblo Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Welcome To our Den Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Farm Life Towel Set of 2 -$19.89
Sleepy Owls Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Happy Harvest Owl Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Fret Work Towel Set of 2 - $19.89
Happy Cats Towel Set of 2 -$19.89 Set of 2
Coastal Lighthouse Set of 2 - $19.89
Life's A Hoot Set of 2 - $19.89